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A Photo Hike in Omoshiroyama

Not long after I first came to Sendai, I was given lots of tips for places to visit and things to see. One area that seemed popular was Omoshiroyama, which is about a 25-minute train ride out of the city. This local train runs west towards more mountainous land. In fact, just before jumping off at Omoshiroyama Kogen station, this Senzan line passes from Miyagi into Yamagata prefecture through a 4-km long tunnel. It seems like you’ve transported into a different world, with slopes climbing up along both sides of the station.

This day we were not here for the mountains. A group of us, Jose, Jussi, Tom and myself, were out to get some photos of the fall colours as we hiked along the river valley. As I’d been here a few times before, I knew this to be a great spot for some landscape photos, as well as a technical challenge hiking through this valley with camera gear. The forecast for the day was mostly cloudy and 50% chance for rain showers. There were a few points in time when we had to find some overhanging trees to hide under so the cameras could stay relatively dry.

As I often do, this day I showed up only to realize that the batteries were not charged up. Even though I carry three with me most of the time, they aren’t so useful when dead. I took what I could for the first 30 minutes before the only battery with a charge gave up on me. Luckily Jose had brought no less than three┬ácameras with him and was happy to lend me his Nikon P7000, which I used for the next 4 hours. Thanks, Jose!

Below are twenty photos from Omoshiroyama:


Jumping off the train you have a great view of the valley and waterfall.

Omoshiroyama Hike

Omoshiroyama Hike


This was the last photo I managed to grab before my battery quit. I was looking forward to using some new ND filters with the flowing water. They didn’t get much use, but I was very happy with how this 30 second exposure turned out.

Omoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama Hike


Tom and Jussi checking out each other’s gear. I was a little jealous of the NEX-6 and how easy it is to travel light with that setup.

Omoshiroyama Hike


Jose trying to manage the rocks with a Pentax 645 and a group of hikers passing up the ridge.

Omoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama Hike


The sun came out for a while later in the day, which gave the landscapes a different look.

Omoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama Hike


Don’t look down; I’m sure this is perfectly safe…

Omoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama HikeOmoshiroyama Hike


The sun is on the way down as we made it back up to the road. Just a 20 minute walk back to the station makes you realize how little ground was covered, but there were all kinds of possibilities for photos. Next time I’ll be sure to have fresh batteries.

Omoshiroyama Hike

Jose RenteriaApril 26, 2014 - 07:15

My pleasure Crawford! As you know my P700 died after a rough and wet hike in Patagonia. My next camera should be a Canon G16 or a Fujifilm. Great shots! It was an awesome hike.

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